Short 8 – Super 8 International Film Festival in Curitiba reaches its 16th edition in 2020. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event has some changes. The most important of these is that the date of realization has not yet been defined, since we are awaiting the release by the health authorities of the screenings in theaters. Anyway, the Festival is confirmed and will happen until the end of this year, even if in a virtual way. So much so that we are open for registration for our Single Take Workshop, which this time will be delivered remotely. Confirm the details and deadlines on the Regulation tab.
Short 8 is coordinated by Antonio Carlos Domingues, curated by Fábio Allon, produced by Adriano Esturilho, projection directed by Lucas Vega and workshop by Pedro Merege.
The festival is a realization of PERFIL communication and culture and the MultiArtes Processo, which this year is sponsored by Uninter, through the Curitiba Cultural Incentive Law, with the support of the Curitiba Cultural Foundation and the Curitiba City Hall.

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